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Curved decks are often installed when the ground surface is not even or when there are obstacles on the ground that prevent flat installation. This is similar to a floating deck, which is not attached to the house or any tree. They provide additional space for users who use wheelchairs to move around in both public and private spaces within buildings, including museums, galleries, restaurants, cafes, theaters, etc. 

Curved decks are typically wood (timber) or polymer material, providing a more natural look. Curved deck installation is an excellent way to expand the number of individuals who can use specific public or private venues and free up more space in congregate areas for wheelchair users.  

Installing curved decks must be left to the experts. Here are Buffalo NY Fence & Deck, we have several methods to ensure that your project turns out beautifully and safely. Call us today to get your free quote!

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Why Choose Curved Decks?

1. Added Value   

Curved decks are an added value in two ways: they add value to your home in terms of aesthetics, and they add value to your yard due to their functionality. 

2. Durable

One of the main reasons it’s so essential to have curved decking professionally installed is that they require exact measurements and construction techniques to be stable and safe for use. You can install a curved deck if you have experience working with lumber, but there are too many pitfalls to make this a good option if you’re not highly familiar with building things out of wood. 

In addition, materials like concrete pavers or textured bricks will need to be laid along the path before the boards are added for support. The time and effort to build a deck like this at home are not worth it when you could hire professionals who know what they’re doing and have all of the materials and tools on hand.

3. Great for Entertaining

Curved decks provide great places to entertain guests. They expand the area you work with and allow people to move freely without bumping into each other or blocking views. Some even come outfitted with built-in seating, which is a bonus! Whether you are hosting a formal dinner party or just enjoying some friends over for some barbecue, this little extra bit of space will help things run more smoothly as well as keep your guests comfortable.

Curved Deck Rails

A curved deck railing is an essential part of a curved deck. These decks are designed to provide individuals with a unique way to enjoy nature and the fresh air without sacrificing the luxurious modern amenities they typically include. The greatest appeal is that you can escape from all your worries and cares as you relax on this type of deck.

Curved railings for curved decks must support people’s weight using the deck and any objects or furniture that they place on it, such as dining tables and chairs. This imposes certain structural requirements that should be considered during the design phase. Curved railings for curved decks are typically comprised of 2×6 lumber joined together with bolts to create a sturdy frame capable of bearing substantial weight. This structural frame is then enclosed with a fencing material, typically made from wood but sometimes plastic or vinyl.