Deck Railing Solutions That Provide Safety

Deck railings provide safety to homeowners, and there are numerous options available for deck railing solutions. The first type of deck railing is the open-stringer railing, which is constructed without a solid wall along the perimeter of the deck. This type of deck has two posts and two horizontal boards that do not connect at the top and bottom. A clear opening between each board allows people to see whether or not there is anyone standing on the other side.Deck Railing Solutions for Buffalo


The second type of deck railing is a closed-stringer railing, which uses vertical slats in place of boards in order to enclose an area. Because these slats have spaces in between them, they allow for views while providing added security compared to open-stringer railings. These railings are typically contoured to create an ornamental appearance, but they can be plain or simple as well.


Another type of deck railing is the cable railing. Instead of using boards, this type of railing uses wire cables that are held together by posts and balusters at the top and bottom. This allows people to see through the railing, but it still provides safety because there are no spaces between each cable. Cable railings come in two types: one where the cables are parallel to one another, and one where they crisscross. The first option has a traditional look that will enhance any home’s design while providing security, while the second option will provide more strength even though it has a different appearance.


The final type of deck railing is the glass railing, which uses tempered glass to create a barrier between people and the outdoors. This type of railing provides views while still preventing anyone from falling through and injuring themselves. The strength and security that tempered glass creates will minimize damage if someone does fall through, but it breaks into large pieces that do not stick in fingers or feet when broken. Tempered glass can be used in any type of railings, including open-stringers, closed-stringers, cable railings, post caps for stairs, balusters for stair treads, and base plates at the bottom of barriers.


When choosing the right type of deck railing solution for a home’s specific needs, homeowners should look at every option available as well as the costs. Open-stringer railings are typically less expensive than any other type, but they may not provide enough security for homes with multiple children or pets. Cable railings are strong without impeding views, and they come in more options than open-stringer or closed-stringer railings. Glass railing solutions will enhance the appearance of the entire home, and tempered glass provides added safety compared to open-stringers while still allowing people to see through the barrier.