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Are you looking to give your outdoor space a new look this summer? Do you want to boost the overall aesthetic appeal of your deck or patio? Or perhaps need a place in the backyard dedicated to your potted plants? If so, then a pergola is what you need as it’s one of the easiest and fastest solutions to make all these creative ideas true.


Most people tend to confuse pergolas with structures like arbors. Even though they are similar, arbors tend to be smaller and are way simpler in structure. Also, they have an archway that’s typically found in parks, gardens, and yards. On the contrary, pergolas are big, flat, open structures. They are usually attached to homes or buildings, but they can also be constructed as free-standing structures. These terms are usually used interchangeably, but when hiring a contractor, it’s important to know the differences.


You can get a pergola-like structure in your local home improvement store, but if you are looking for a unique, custom-made one that matches your home and lifestyle, you’ll want a team like Buffalo Deck Pros on the job. It is always best to hire a professional, especially when building something special. There are many advantages to working with a professional contractor, including enjoying the benefits of the structure. 

Reasons to Get A Pergola

1. Enhances Your Living Space and Lends a Visually Appealing Element

Pergolas can be made from a wide array of materials and it all comes down to your taste and budget. This means you’re bound to find one that matches your budget. In addition, you get to have a place where you can enjoy your mornings or evening with a cup of coffee or a good read. 


2. It’s a Great Place to Entertain People

A pergola encourages outdoor activities with your family and friends. How many times have you hosted a party, only to have people stuck in the kitchen? With a pergola, you get to expand your square footage while encouraging outdoor time. 


3. Protects You From UV Rays

Everyone likes to be outside during summer. With a pergola, however, you no longer have to worry about the heat. You get the best of both worlds, sunshine, and shade while outside. 


4. It Allows for a Wider Array of Plant Species

If you love vines and other climbing plants, a pergola is a must-have. Shade-loving plants will have a place to thrive and you’ll have an ideal place for pots of flowers and herbs for a growing garden. 

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This is an image of a beautiful garden pergola with sitting area and table underneath.

Why Hire Us? 

Our company has years of experience in installing outdoor features, pergolas included. Our team does not back away when you hand us a complex design. In fact, we are welcome to challenges and ensure we go beyond your expectations so that the results can tell a story. 

In addition, we know how to work with any budget. Our experts do a comparison of your design and budget to get an idea of your needs and also make suggestions so that you end up with a satisfactory product. 

Adding such a pergola to your outdoor space will make your home more appealing, in addition to increasing its value. Get in touch with our pergola contractor today for the best service.

We are pergola building experts.

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