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Did you know that a natural extension of your living space lies outside your house? Your home’s exterior can be an investment, and nothing will help that investment more than a beautiful deck. Decking demands the highest quality of craftsmanship to ensure that each step contributes to durability and longevity. Turn to quality contractor services from Buffalo NY Fence & Deck to make your next wood deck project completely worry-free!


The goal of our professional installation services is to create a finished product that you and your guests will enjoy for many years. With many years of experience, our professional and friendly builders have what it takes to ensure your total satisfaction every time around. Our expertise includes all decks, including rough framing, finishing work, railing, stairs, non-wood deck installation, and many more. We also offer replacement decking boards in various sizes and colors to suit your style and taste. We only use the best quality material from trusted brands. Our decking boards are made from recycled plastic and have a lifetime warranty.


To meet the unique needs of every job, our deck installers also specialize in full-service repairs to your existing wood, vinyl, or synthetic decking surface. We remove and replace boards and fasteners to ensure all surfaces (including railings) are prepared for next-level protection against the elements. Whether you need us to resurface your old deck or install an entirely new one, we will provide you with outstanding results at the highest standards.

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Which Type of Wood Material Should You Choose?

Many homeowners have questions about what kind of wood deck materials they should build. Is hardwood better than softwood, such as the top-performing cedar? You need to consider many factors when choosing the materials for your deck. Understanding these differences could help you make an informed decision.

Regardless of what decking material you choose, always look for high-quality products that will last as long as possible and meet your financial budget and personal preferences. In addition to different prices and levels of durability, there are several other variables to consider before deciding on a specific product.

Hardwood Deck

Hardwood decking is perhaps the most popular option for this purpose due to its flexibility in terms of looks and ease of maintenance. In fact, more homeowners are choosing hardwood decking for their outdoor spaces because they understand the benefits associated with it. 

The best type of hardwood decking for a homeowner has the right balance between affordability and durability. For instance, Red Oak is often considered a middle-of-the-road option because it offers decent strength without requiring much maintenance. This makes homeowners go for it if they want to spend their weekends relaxing on their decks rather than worrying about them.

Benefits of Hardwood Decks

  1. Wooden decks are not only socially appealing but also environmentally friendly. 

Wood can be harvested sustainably by planting new trees to replace those that are cut down. Additionally, many organisms grow on wooden structures that help them resist decay and pests better than other synthetic materials such as concrete or plastic. Wooden material is bio-degradable, unlike man-made options that remain in landfills forever if not recycled.

  1. Wooden decks are also space-efficient. 

Wood can create beautiful designs that will look good for years to come without taking up too much space or requiring frequent replacement like other materials. The wooden deck material is long-lasting. It also resists mold, insects, and decays better than other types of flooring but still needs occasional maintenance to maintain its best condition.

  1. Wooden decks are easy to maintain.

While they’re easy to maintain, they should be treated with wood preservatives every few years. This involves waterproofing first before staining to ensure the deck’s longevity. Regular inspections by professionals for any loose boards or rotting is also vital so they can be repaired before they become major problems. A pro will also know the proper type of wood preservative and stain that should be used for your area’s weather conditions. 

For example, a water-resistant wood preservative is needed if you live near the coast since it has special chemicals to protect it from constant humidity and saltwater exposure. You don’t want moisture to soak into the boards, causing them to rot over time! However, water-based wood preservatives are most common if you live inland, far away from oceans.

Cedar Decks

A cedar deck can add a wonderful and rustic touch to your home. Cedar is beautiful because it does not warp or crack over time, unlike other woods, such as pine. That’s why many homeowners decide to use cedar for their homes. It’s durable and will last a long time if properly cared for. It is also known for its exceptional durability in the face of nature’s tests. The tight grain structure, natural oil content, and resistance to rot make this deck a top choice in exposed areas where standing water is not uncommon.

Forms of Cedar Decks

Cedar decking comes in several forms: Wood boards can be laid horizontally or vertically. Choose wood planks that run, so the annual growth rings follow the deck patterning for an authentic look. Subtle patterns will create a cedar plank appearance, while lining up knots and grains will give the deck a rustic, distressed appearance.

Laminate flooring made from cedar surfaces can be used indoors or out to achieve similar striking effects at half the price of natural wood decking. Less expensive than solid wood and less prone to warping and twisting, cedar planks can easily be cut with a standard circular saw. Laminate wood surface boards come prefinished, requiring less maintenance than solid wood decks once installed, but must still be stained or painted for maximum protection from moisture damage.

The second method is the use of cedar tiles. These, too, can be laid in horizontal or vertical patterns and maybe nailed down as regular decking or glued directly to your deck surface (this option requires some special preparation on your part). Since tiles are individual pieces that lock together like puzzle pieces, you can replace damaged boards without removing and re-nailing an entire section of the deck. Tiles also create spaces between each board, allowing water to flow through your deck instead of pooling on top.

Benefits of Cedar Deck

  • Improves your property value
  • Ideal for residential use
  • Easy care for no experience required
  • Many options at affordable prices
  • Durable with the looks of expensive woods
  • Various designs available
  • A natural look without the cost
  • Works well with other exteriors
  • Easy to maintain
  • Resistant to insects

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