Wood Fencing Vs. Metal Fencing

There are many different options when it comes to fencing. Some of these include wood, metal, stones, concrete, and even vegetation. When it comes to choosing between wood or metal fencing, there are several factors you need to consider before making a decision about your fencing needs.


Wood Fencing

Wood Fencing Vs Metal FencingWhen it comes to the look of wood fences they can definitely add beauty to any yard or garden that they enclose. Wood tends to blend in better with natural environments compared to other forms of fencing including stone and steel. However, since wooden fences can deteriorate easily over time you need to keep on top of maintenance on your fence if you want them looking their best year after year.


Additionally, some types tend not to be as durable as other types of fencing. For example, a picket fence can often be easily pushed over and therefore isn’t a very good form of security. This is especially true when compared to metal fencing that can be made in much sturdier shapes including circles and rectangles that are much more difficult to push over without any extra help from the person trying to climb it.


Wood fencing does come in many different forms through which can make maintenance easier depending on your needs. For example, some wooden fences have been designed with gaps between each board which makes it easy to maintain since you can simply spray off any debris or dirt build up between the boards without having to replace them first before you do so.

This type of wood fencing is available at most home and garden centers and is often the most popular form of fencing due to its relatively low cost.


Metal Fencing

Metal Fencing Vs Wood Fences

When it comes to durability metal fencing wins hands down over any other type of fencing. Metal is arguably one of the toughest materials that can be used for outdoor enclosures which makes it a top contender when you’re looking for something particularly strong such as in this case. They can handle everything from vandalism to high winds with ease making them very resilient against forces that would typically cause damage or destruction to wooden fences. This is especially true when considering how much stronger steel is compared to wood in terms of its tensile strength which means it’s less likely to warp or bend over time even under extreme stress or pressure.


Metal fencing is available in a wide range of different shapes and sizes which means that you can get fencing that is suited to your specific needs. It can be formed into circles, zigzags, rectangles, and even random shapes that combine multiple different styles together for more creative or decorative purposes.


As well as being strong metal has the added benefit of being easy to clean compared to wooden fences which sometimes have crevices between boards where dirt and debris like to hide making it hard to reach without dismantling the entire fence first. Furthermore, most metal fencing is made from steel or iron so it’s going to last for a very long time before requiring any maintenance work done to it. This makes metal fencing a great long-term for people who are wanting something particularly strong that requires little to no maintenance work in order to keep it looking its best.


The only major disadvantage with metal fencing comes into play when you compare it to wooden fences and that is the price. Metal is considerably more expensive than wood which means it’s only really a good choice for people who want something particularly durable and strong which can also take a lot of rough treatment without showing signs of wear and tear over time.


As you can see both types of fencing have their advantages depending on your specific needs, however, if you were to rank them based on what’s most important to your durability would win hands down every single time!